Hosted by the American Language Center of Tetouan



February 7, 2020

“BARAKAH” is a Vienna-based fusion band, founded in 2017 by Egyptian drummer Sherif Abdalla and Austrian saxophonist Anton Prettler. Now they are six. Together, they experiment, trying to exceed their own creativity. With absolute artistic freedom, “BARAKAH” creates its own distinct style of music.


January 4, 2020

Youness Rahmoun was born in Tetouan - where he still lives and works - and graduated from the Institut National des Beaux Arts.
Some of his artistic projects, which range from installations to drawings, new technologies to multimedia, have been exhibited in 25 different countries around the world.



October 20, 2019

“Fishing For Fishermen” is a collaboration of three New York City artists, Amanda Homi, Eugene Ruffolo and Gary Schreiner - three friends whose musical paths have crossed throughout their varied careers.Together they create a singular sound with silken harmony vocals, chromatic harmonica, acoustic guitar, accordion, and a pot pourri of percussion that is sure to stir your imagination and satisfy your soul.



September 22, 2019

Luca, of BJRG (former BERG), is an Italian musician based in Milan and he has a solo-voice project. His voice is the exclusive tool to create original songs. His live set is a loop station and a delay pedal.
The first EP, "Solastalgia", was released in November 2016. BJRG has just finished recording the second concept album, an LP, that will come out in November 2019.
BJRG has already toured around Europe and Italy, has opened the concert of Tash Sultana, and played at several indipendent festivals.

He is also a voice-sound designer and visual artist within the perfomance company, "I Figli di Marla". In April 2019, they performed at the DO DISTURB Festival at Palais de Tokyo, in Paris, along with artists coming from Tate Modern, Moma, Biennale Venezia.



April 24, 2019

Anselmo Luisi's comic show is based on mime and body percussion, a fascinating technique where the only instrument being played is one's body.



February 3, 2019

Clio and Maurice is the name of an impossible duo. A voice and a violin are merging and colliding, in search of a common dimension. It is composed of the soul singer Clio Colombo and the violinist Martin Nicastro (Pashmak). The duo was born in August of 2017 and since then the two played in some of the most popular venues in Milan. In 2018 they toured Germany and France, and they will be soon in England and Netherlands. They are currently recording their first EP and touring Morocco with the American Language Centers.


December 15, 2018

Born from a Persian father and a German-Italian mother, Damon Arabsolgar plays with the extremes of east and west.
After having toured Italy, Europe, Morocco, the Balkans and Russia playing with Pashmak (IT/US) and the duo Mombao (IT/SLO), he is currently in Morocco again with his solo act with just a piano, his voice and electronic arrangements on stage for intimate and raw concerts.
His songwriting floats between life in mid-ocean ridges and surreal stories he went through during his travels while the singing follows the extreme dynamics of the music and passes from catchy falsetto to an intimate and baritonal voice.



November 3, 2018

The Rocca Brothers are a creative jazz and soul duo that have been playing and creating music since early childhood. They regularly perform across the UK with their band, featuring Patricia Elizabeth on vocals. They have also joined in at jazz events abroad and in the USA.