With the extension of the confinement restrictions imposed by the authorities until 10 June 2020 and schools remaining closed, ALC Tetouan is offering Children & Junior classes online so that students can complete this year’s class syllabus.

When are the online classes going to start?

  • Classes start online on Monday 4 May.

How long will the course be?

  • 6 weeks, from Monday 4th May until Sunday 14 June, with final exams during the last week.

What about the Eid break?

  • There will be a break for Eid at the end of May. Detailed dates will be communicated later.

How long will the classes be?

  • Online classes will be 2 hours a week, divided between “live” sessions, teacher interaction with the class group, and home assignments.

When will the “live” classes be?

  • The day/time of “live” sessions will be decided by the ALC administration and will remain fixed for the period.

What do students need to do to pass?

  • To complete the syllabus and pass the year, students will be expected to spend an average of 2 hours a week studying from home (i.e: 4 hours/week in total)

What about tests and quizzes?

  • Final exams will be in the last week of the course. Quizzes will be decided by the teacher/ ALC Admin.

Who is going to teach the classes?

  • The classes will be taught by our own ALC Tetouan teachers, but the teacher might be a different one from the original class teacher.

Are they going to use their books?

  • Yes, the existing coursebook materials will be used.

How/where are they going to have the classes?

  • The students will reunite with their classmates in Facebook Groups, where the teacher will assign tasks and homework, and interact with the students, giving personal feedback on assignments.

What platform are they going to use?

  • The “live” sessions will also be held via video conferencing software which will be announced later in the class group.

How can we join the Facebook Group?

  • Private Facebook Groups have been created for each class group per level, each with a unique link.

Who is in these Facebook Groups?

  • The ALC Teacher, ALC administration and the students from the same level.

How safe are these Facebook Groups?

  • To maintain security and make sure that only our students are able to join the Groups, we will ask you to answer 3 questions before joining the Group: (1) the student’s full name. (2) the student’s ALC ID number. (3) the student’s class level.

  • This information will be matched against our database before allowing students to join.

  • A member of the ALC Tetouan admin team will also be monitoring the activity in the Group to ensure that online etiquette is being observed.

  • We recommend that the Facebook account used should be accessible by one or both parents.

What if quarantine ends on May 20th?

  • If we are able to reopen before the completion of the 6-week course, adjustments will be made for a return to the classroom and you will be informed.

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